AFFORDABLE homes in a rural village could be blocked from being built despite support form villagers in Grafton.

David Lemon wants to turn farm land near the A388 into a new development of 15 homes, six of which will become shared ownership or affordable rent homes to help people get on the property ladder.

Grafton Parish Council supports the proposal but wants to see more done to improve speed signs in the village to make sure drivers slow down to 30mph before entering the village.

A spokesperson said: “When vehicles use the proposed bus layby and people, more especially children, cross the road the speed of passing traffic is a cause of concern.”

Support has been mixed, with some saying the plans will ensure the village can attract young families through affordable housing while others raising fears over road safety.

Penny Herrod-Taylor from East Grafton added: “The extra traffic will only make matters worse. I have lived here 18 years and the speed of vehicle past my house on the A338 has always been a problem.”

Thomas Beese, of Freewarren Farm, Burbage said: “The addition of fifteen dwellings on a site which is within the village itself seems a good way to support the strength of the community. The proposed plan, by providing a range of dwellings, also seems to support this by adding further to affordable options for families within the parish.”

Simon Le Bon is a full time father of two children and agreed. His family may need to move from the area if they cannot find appropriate hosing. He added: “more local housing is simply a requirement and the location specified is practical and doesn’t seem to be properly utilised.”

Jonathan Frost added: “It will turn a wasted, ugly field in to something much needed and sort after.”

However the village site falls outside of the Wiltshire Core Strategy areas that plans where new homes should go. he protected countryside and the reliance people would have on cars to get around because of the limited public transport was also raised by officers.

Wiltshire Council highways objected because homeowners would be reliant on cars in the village: Officers said: “East Grafton is a rural location and as such suffers from many of the restrictions in terms of transport and services that smaller villages do. That being the case, residents of the site will be heavily reliant on the use of a private vehicle.Wiltshire Council landscape experts said the development would be an “encroachment into the countryside, and the North Wessex Downs AONB, which has the highest status of protection.”

Serving hospital Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has requested £10,501 from developers if the plans are approved to provide cash to support the increase in population reliant on the hospital.The Eastern planning committee will decide on Thursday (August 15) whether to overrule a recommendation by planning officers to block the plans.