GAZETTE readers reacted in droves to the news that Pizza Hut in Chippenham is closing its Bath Road restaurant, with the last diners welcome on Saturday August 17.

While some of you are sad to see the chain move out of Chippenham - the company says it has 're-evaluated the location' of the restaurant - many others seem pleased that the premises could become home to the KFC rumoured to be opening in the town soon.

Those unable to do without Pizza Hut's distinctive taste will still be able to get delivery-at-home service from the New Road outlet, which is staying open.

Among the comments left on Facebook were:

Alan Newbury: Sad. What ever will close next. Hard times ahead?????

Robin Hodson: Never mind, maybe KFC can take it over.

Stephen Court: Ricky-Lee Fisher we should have done this today

Chris Chatten: Remember going here Marc Lovering we had a feast that day 👍

Harriet Sawyer: Ben Redford Debbie Sawyer Evie will be devastated

Wendy Larkworthy: Stacey Helen, oh we won't be going there any more then. Perhaps a KFC will go in its place 😁

Melanie Leyshon: Heike Holland Jodie Marie Peck OMG this is our fab date place xxxx

Laura Catherine Jones: Vicky Morgan Sally Mann Tashina Wills Noooo loved pizza buffet lunch !

Kerry Kilmister: No loss tbh. Every time we've bought from them, they have messed our order up

Tina Olden: Hope they tell the people on table 4 who are still waiting for the food they ordered in 2005

Shelly Vinter: Been told it will be a KFC

Lee Powell: Shelly Vinter KFC are advertising for staff in Chippenham 👍

The story reached 4,00 people on Facebook, with 75 comments and 46 shares, and to date has been read by over 1,300 people on our website.

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