IN the space of a week the world of farmer Chris Franklin, 62, has been turned upside down after becoming a social media sensation.

He has appeared on national TV, done interviews for the world’s press and been offered a book contract. His Rush Hour videos of when he frees his animals into the farmyard at Caenhill Countryside Centre, Devizes, have gone viral.

Mr Franklin, who runs the centre with his wife Hellie, is also celebrating after Wiltshire Council granted them a new five year lease on the centre which provides educational courses for children and is run by volunteers.

He said: “We were delighted to get the new lease so we can carry on our work here. Our dream is to leave a legacy and for others in the future to be able to continue the work we have started.

“I hope that all of the publicity we have been getting it will help us to achieve that. We are always looking for ways to raise money to support our work.”

Mr Franklin, said that despite his new high profile which has included a live slot on Good Morning Britain and interviews with media from all over the world, he still gets up at 4am each morning to feed his 223 animals.

He said: “Life has to go on as normal here and that means a very early start and that is when I film my videos which I then put on Tik Tok and Twitter.

“Some of the messages I have had have been overwhelming. People seem to love them because they are so joyful. Everyone seems to want to watch something simple and happy especially when bad things are happening.”

Many of the animals that range from donkeys and alpacas to chickens and geese think of Mr Franklin as their father and follow him everywhere. Cuthbert the goose is particularly protective of him and has become one of the video stars. Watch a Rush Hour video on the Gazette website.

* Mr Franklin is now appealing for a loan of a mangold grinder as he brings in the root crop at the farm. He said: "I very much hope someone out there has one we can borrow."