OVER 30 hungry families, who have nowhere else to turn, will flock to a project dedicated to beating starvation this summer.

The FoodBox, created last August, provides food from local supermarkets to ‘anyone who needs help’ in the area.

This service is particularly needed during the summer holidays, as families cannot afford to support their children who usually get free school meals.

At the 2019 Chippenham Civic Awards, The Foodbox was honoured for the support it has given to the Frogwell community.

Sabrina and Paul Vinden have three children, Sasquia, Janet and Marina, and have used The FoodBox for the last 12 months.

Sabrina said: “We have quite a low income, but still work quite a lot of hours, so we struggle to afford food after we pay our bills.

“We have found school holidays particularly tough as the kids don’t get their free lunch.

“Without The FoodBox we would spend all our time wondering where the next meal is going to come from.

“Paul and I have had to go without a meal before so that we could afford to feed the children.

“This service just makes it so much easier for people like us who don’t match the criteria needed to use a foodbank.”

Paul added: “Some foodbanks only give out three vouchers per family every year which isn’t sustainable.

“It would probably help if their were council-run services, but we understand there is a lack of funding.”

The FoodBox was set up by the Chippenham Community Food Surplus Project and use food unsellable by supermarkets, either because the packaging is damaged or the product is past its best before date.

John Sumbler, 73, who helps to run The FoodBox, believes their ‘simple set up’ makes it special.

He said: “We won’t turn anyone away here, everyone is welcome if they need help.

“People in our community just felt a real desire to help those who are less fortunate than us.”

The FoodBox is open from 9.30am-11am every Tuesday and Thursday at St Peter’s Church.