TWO junior runners have reached milestones at their club in Corsham.

Adam Thomas, who was the first to reach 200 miles at The Corsham One Mile Club, has now been awarded his certificate for 225 miles.

Meanwhile Oscar Zalek is the second to get the coveted 200 mile golden trophy and his ‘I ran 200 miles’ T-shirt.

At the club, children run one mile every week and also take part in activities like Bulldog, relays or treasure hunts.

Oscar joined the club in October 2013 and has missed only 4 sessions in all that time.

Oscar said, ”I like going on the field and especially like playing British Bulldog and also hunting the flags.

I keep going because I enjoy it so much”.

Adam said, ”I kept going because I really enjoy One Mile Club.

I will keep going for a while yet”.

Humphry Barnikel, who runs the club, is very proud of these two who he says 'have achieved so much'.