THE newest primary school in Devizes made sure it was firmly established in the community when a week of special events were held.

Youngsters of all ages at Trinity Primary took part in everything from litter picking to making bird feeders as park of community week.

Trinity Primary at Quakers Road was created when a housing estate was built in 2012 and children moved from the old St Peter’s Primary in Bath Road and youngsters from the new homes were also welcomed.

Head Hannah Allender said: “We decided as a school that we wanted to give back to the community in which we live. Each class did something different.

“As a whole school the children had an art day where they have made a section for a blanket which will be sewn together.

“This is going to be donated to St James Church. This has been such a lovely way to live out our vision of being together and part of our community.”

Pensioners living close to the school were invited in to watch the school play and one class hand painted stones and placed them around Devizes.

Mrs Allender said: “The hope is it will bring a smile to someone’s face.”