A MARLBOROUGH builder has won a regional award for his outstanding work on the ‘best new home’ in the West of England.

Dominic Seaman, owner of Profile One Construction, was given the Building Excellence Award by the Local Authority Building Control for the creation of a modern house on George Lane, Marlborough.

Mr Seaman will now compete in the national finals on November 8 in London.

The 29-year-old builder said: “I want to dedicate this award to my father Tom Seaman, who died of a heart attack in November, and Max Pearson.

“I really wanted to finish the project for my Dad.

“The award has given my company the recognition it deserves.”

Max Pearson died in a car accident at the time he was working on the house’s original construction with his father, who decided to not carry on after his son’s death.

Mr Seaman then bought the property for £500,000 and continued the work.

The Marlborough builder also spoke of the difficulty of inheriting the property in a bad state and trying to develop it.

He said: “When I bought it, the house was sort of rotting away.

“It was a giant mountain to climb, like working on a big Lego project with no instructions.”

The work was also done with no architect.

Impressive feats of engineering had to be carried out to earn this award, such as the construction of the ‘floating’ balcony on the front of the property.

Mr Seaman also spoke very highly of his right-hand-man, Dan Bird, who ‘proved himself’ during the project, and is now a 20 per cent shareholder in Profile One Construction.

The builder was nominated by the LABC, and was delighted to then be shortlisted to the last 12.

This meant he attended the awards ceremony at the Bristol Marriott Hotel in the city centre which he described ‘like being at the Oscars’.