PUPILS and staff at a Devizes primary school were enjoying their moment in the celebrity spotlight yesterday evening after they were joined by a Radio 2 presenter for their performance of The Lion King.

The excitement started on Monday when Southbroom St James junior school got a call from the Breakfast Show hosted by Zoe Ball after a discussion on air about the new Lion King film premiere.

Deputy head Bethany Maidment said: "They were asking people to get involved and we sent a message saying we might be looking for a stand-in Mustafa after the boy playing him went down with Chicken Pox.

"We then got a call saying they wanted to come to the show tomorrow and presenter Richie Anderson wanted to take part."

Richie was as good as his word and yesterday afternoon he arrived at the school in time to practice with Year 6 pupils for their end of year show.

He said: "They are a fantastic group of kids. We are going to be better than Beyonce and all the rest of the film cast.

"I got picked up by taxi from Pewsey Station and I was learning my lines and songs on the way to Devizes."

Richie was inspired by his trip to the Lion King premiere at the weekend and as soon as he arrived at the school was fitted out in a costume and started rehearsing with the children.

Miss Maidment said: "It is all a bit unreal. We were mentioned lots of times on the Breakfast Show yesterday. We were hoping that Charlie was going to be well enough to play Mustafa but he wasn't well enough so Richie took the role."

After the show she said: "We all had a truly memorable and exciting evening.  The children were remarkable and Richie played his part well!!"