DISILLUSIONED town councillors in Calne have withdrawn from the Conservative party after likening MPs handling Brexit to “unruly school children.”

In a protest vote, Cllrs Howard Marshall and Rich Jones have resigned from the party, with one member now aligning themselves to the Liberal Democrats.

Cllr Rich Jones has joined the Lib Dems and Cllr Marshall will become an Independent.

Calne Town Council is an A-political group so their move does not effect the political make up of the council.

Cllr Marshall said: “Some time ago I became very disillusioned with the way the Conservative party was behaving in Parliament with regard to Brexit. “In my view all members of parliament were acting just like unruly school children and I felt I did not want to be associated with such behaviour.

“I wanted to make a protest and so tendered my resignation from the party giving my reasons.

“I have remained independent because there is no other party that has shown enough sensible judgment and behaviour to warrant my support.”

Cllr Jones, deputy mayor added: “I can not in good faith give support to a party behaving as they are now.

“Calne town council is an apolitical group and te reason I came on to the council is so that I can give something back to my town and continue to make it the special place that is has become. It matters not whose idea we act on as long as it’s the town and it’s inhabitants that reap the benefits.

“I align with the Liberal Deomcrats but I would wish to be judged on support for the town rather that a political banner.”

A spokesman for Calne Town Council said: “The Town Council is apolitical and membership of committees is based on town wards rather than political parties.”