PEOPLE living in a Devizes street that has been the scene of a series of fires fear lives could be lost if it is not stopped.

Waiblingen Way householders say they very frightened by the incidents that police believe could be caused by an arsonist.

The latest blaze happened on Sunday night when a wheelie bin utility area by a block of flats was set alight.

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “We are investigating a number of fires which are believed to have been started deliberately in Waiblingen Way over the past week.

“We are working with the fire service and our enquiries are currently ongoing.

“Nobody has been injured, but we have had officers out in the area to speak to residents and provide some reassurance.”

Local people have taken to social media to raise their concerns, with one person in the road saying they were afraid to sleep in their bed at night.

One living in one of the Aster-owned block of flats in Waiblingen Way said that any items left in stairwells and communal areas were being removed as this could be “ammunition for these arsonists.”

Some expressed anger that those responsible had so far not been caught. Others posted footage and images of the Wiltshire fire service fighting a wall of flames.

Another said: “I just went to take my rubbish into our communal bin shed down Wobbly Way to find it had gone up in flames or set alight last night. Bins and shed completely ruined.”

One woman who contacted the Gazette about what she described as a “terrifying fire” and said it could have killed her and her neighbours on Sunday night had it not been for the quick intervention of the fire and rescue service and neighbours alerting everyone in the flats.

She said: “We have an arsonist on the loose here.

“The bin fire on Sunday caught fire to the stairwell of my block of flats and I and my neighbours had to flee for our lives.

“It was a dangerous distressing incident.

“We are all very anxious in Waiblingen Way.

“I would like to thank the kind neighbours who were out on the street offering us tea and refuge and the people who have been patrolling since and beg anyone who knows who did this to tell the police.

“And the quicker the better before someone is killed.”

Businesses nearby have also reacted to the dangers such as the Devizes and District Opportunity Centre at the end of the road. Their spokesperson said: “We are aware of the fires and have taken precautions with our recycling bins which are locked away and out of sight.”

The Lansdown Surgery also said they had made sure no wheelie bins were left outside and were tucked away safely. The area’s town councillor Nigel Carter said everyone needed to be vigilant and inform the police of any suspicions and alert the fire brigade in the case of a fire.

Police said: “Anyone with information should call Wiltshire Police on 101, quoting crime reference 54190066072. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.”