PEWSEY Tennis Club held an ‘uplifting’ day of tennis for veterans who are in rehabilitation.

Almost 30 ex-soldiers, who are at Tedworth House to recover from service, took part in the first day of the Help for Heroes’ Summer Games.

The players, who were in teams representing their recovery centres, started the morning with a tennis skills session before competing in a tournament, organised by Wiltshire LTA.

Colin Gratton, who has been chairman of Pewsey Tennis Club for 15 years, claimed the day of tennis was ‘brilliant’ for the ‘very enthusiastic’ soldiers.

He said: “The event was great for building their confidence, which is the most important thing for returning veterans.

“When they leave the army, they may feel isolated, but this gives them a sense of community.

“It was such an uplifting day for all of us at Pewsey Tennis Club.”

Help for Heroes’ Summer Games, now in its fifth year, is taking place in Tidworth, Wiltshire for the first time.

The annual event sees soldiers from Tedworth House face recovery centres in Plymouth, Catterick, Colchester and Wales, and aims to use sport to help rehabilitate former members of the forces.

Some of the events that the group will take part in this year are tennis, swimming, water sports and archery.

Tristan Cooper, Sports Manager at Help for Heroes said: “Competition levels have been high already this week and it’s great to see them having a great time.”

“The people we support often say how it is the camaraderie and sense of family they miss most about the military. The week brings all of that back.

The idea behind the Summer Games is to be all-inclusive and a place they can re-experience the solidarity and social environment of the military.

“As well as having physical benefits, the games are of great benefit to their psychological state and can help them find a new purpose, hopefully they will continue taking part in sports within their own communities.”

To check on results later in the week and to give or get support from Help for Heroes visit: