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Thanks for carnival support

SATURDAY saw the annual Summer Carnival in Calne, following the theme of Around the world in a day and what a joyous day it was. The sun shone for another year on Calne carnival day and helped create a beautiful backdrop for the parade which, yet again grew in size.

Floats were provided by JJ&S transport and T W Skuse & Sons, who did a brilliant job of honking horns, providing music and helping get into the carnival feel. A big thank you to all participating as a driver or float/walking entrant, you all looked amazing.

Hills Group also provided mixed recycling and general waste bins, so that the Calne bins could be covered over and people could choose accordingly which bins best suited their rubbish. This is part of Calne’s initiative to become a single use plastic free council and help stop recyclable items clogging up landfills. Buildbase also helped provide 16 giant boards, so that the event could feature facts and different languages from other cultures and countries around the world.

All Calne Town Council events are aided by helpful volunteers who marshal the event. Firstly the event struggled to gain volunteers, but after a panic Facebook post, many offered their afternoons as a means to make the event safe and fun for all to attend, so thank you, as without you, the event would not have been able to run in the smooth manner it did.

On behalf of the Council I would like to extend thanks and gratitude to all of those who helped on the day and all those who sponsored the event or took part in one way or another.

Calne is becoming a town known for its creative and innovative events, bringing them back to their roots and making them enjoyable for all of the family and we hope this can continue into the future. Thank you.

Erin Weaver, Event & Wedding Liaison Officer, Calne Town Council

(who organised the event with posters and publicity by Ronan Wilson)

Appalling decision

I NOTE – with astonishment – that the new Chairman of Wiltshire Council, having recently purchased a residential property in Lockeridge, has succeeded with his planning application to build, in his extended garden, a large farm vehicle hire depot next to the pretty Kennet Valley Hall.

This despite some 80+ formal objections from residents and their professional advisors. I presume there were no letters of support. There were obviously abstentions, but this could be attributed to the slow and surprisingly limited circulation of the original Notice.

Local opinion, based on the planning application and subsequent research during the review period, was that these outsize agricultural vehicles would be too wide, and have difficulty transiting through Lockeridge street and the West Overton road without causing disruption, potential damage to property or parked vehicles, and hazarding anyone near the school. This was opined to all readers of the formal planning process, but seemingly ignored and not mentioned by those making decisions on the planning committee or our parish council.

The bald facts now are that the depot/barn will presumably be constructed, contracts arranged and then the fun will start. If the measurements are as proved, how will these white elephant vehicles fulfil their obligations without further planning consent and disruption?

The way this whole process was handled raises grave doubts about our liberal democracy in its present state. Even though the roads are patently unsuitable and too narrow, the fact that the planning committee and their advisors ignored a whole community’s concerns, is appalling.

I have a vote which I have used for the past 60 years for the good of my parish. How should I vote in the future – bearing in mind there was little support for the village from our incumbent county councillor (who invited me to vote for her) and the laid-back attitude of our parish council?

Reflecting, has our new resident, Mr James Shepherd, the elected Chair of Wiltshire Council, no community spirit? He knows there is better suited farm vehicle accommodation available locally that won’t rearrange Lockeridge life.

Stuart Musgrove, Rookery Meadow, Lockeridge

Stand up for rights

AN open letter to Claire Perry MP: Sorry to hear you are on a leave of absence due to family ill health, and hope they are better soon as your voice is very much needed for people like John and Carmela. both of Market Lavington. How many more mums and dads are going to be told that their child does not fit the criteria or is a funding issue. Neither of these people went out of their way to be disabled.

35 people have signed the petition in your constituency asking for a government debate into the national scandal which CCG are causing in this country.

I look forward to your response and will continue to raise this issue with every MP and MEP in this country until one of you stand up for the rights we have under the NHS and for them to start acting appropriately in the best interest of the patients they are supposed to care for.

Aneurin Bevan said “free at the point of contact”. He did not add a criteria or eligibility

Suzanne Morrison, Bouverie Drive, Market Lavington

Sort it out yourselves

REGARDING the news story in the Gazette and Herald on 13 June, it is true that Bumpers Farm has only one less than ideal road in and out, however the problem of congestion is repeated across industrial estates across the country and the solution is generally that the major businesses stagger their start and finish times sufficiently to spread the traffic; however this clearly does not happen at Bumpers Farm.

Are the collected managers so devoid of initiative that they incapable organise themselves to reduce this problem to acceptable levels?

Regarding the comments of the Webb Transport manager complaining about the exit road being blocked, it should be noted that certain businesses do seem to use the same road as an overspill car park for their many vehicles when it suits them, which is not helping the situation.

However all comments miss the most significant aspect of this problem in that a large number of Bumpers Farm employees are now parking on the adjacent residential roads outside the estate to ensure a quick arrival and getaway, notably on Lordsmead and Frogwell, causing obstruction for the entire working day and then some.

The parked cars run for considerable distances reducing the roads to one lane, making it a lottery to drive along there without meeting another vehicle coming the opposite way.

However there is a primary school on the corner and the parked cars represent a road safety hazard for children and parents making their way there. How long before a significant accident?

There are sufficient empty units on the site with parking that again with some co-operative arrangement the issue could be eliminated.

My message to the managers on Bumpers Farm is simple. Stop whingeing to the papers, MPs and everyone about problems of your own making and sort it. Don’t hand everyone else your problems, start managing and find solutions. You are already losing the good will of the community that you function within.

Jeffrey Falkner, Picketleaze, Chippenham

Pity for the pigeons

I AM very upset about what is happening about the poor pigeons of Bath. I understand a woman has been fined £150 for giving a crust of bread to the birds in the city. I look after damaged pigeons at my home in in North Wraxall and am disgusted by their treatment.

Pigeons don’t ask to be born. Some were used during the First World War and served their country carrying messages.

Marjorie Bunston, Prest Grove, North Wraxall

Good luck Scouts

In just a few days’ time Scouts from Wiltshire will be travelling 3,800 miles to wild and wonderful West Virginia, USA for the 24th World Scout Jamboree.

World Scout Jamborees are incredible festivals of peace, friendship and adventure. Young people will make friends for life with people from over 150 countries, experience different food, language and culture while learning new skills.

The theme is Unlock a new world focusing especially on how we can create a sustainable world together.

I want to wish the Wiltshire Scouts good luck and safe travels. We’re so proud of you and I’ll see you out there

Bear Grylls, Chief Scout

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