Theft from chapel

CORSHAM: Thieves stole a chair worth £100 from the Lady Chapel in St Bartholomew's Church some time between June 16 and 21.

Thieves strike

CHIPPENHAM: An industrial jet wash worth £4,000 has been stolen from a secured building site at Methuen Park during the night of June 20.

Warning issued

CHIPPENHAM: On June 4, at 6.45pm a 41-year-old man from Stockwood Road was found in possession of cannabis in Monkton Park and was issued with a cannabis street warning.

Did a runner

CHIPPENHAM: A man stole an iphone X worth £600 on June 25, by grabbing hold of it in a shop on Park Lane and running off with it.

Woman followed

CHIPPENHAM: Mystery surrounds the disappearance of £340 in cash after a woman visited the Halifax bank on June 28 and put the money in an envelope. She was followed by two women and later found the money and envelope were missing.

Bike recovered

CHIPPENHAM: Thieves stole a locked Carrera bike from outside the cinema on June 29. Police later recovered it near Unity House.