Lead flashing stolen

CORSHAM: Thieves have taken lead flashing worth more than £600 from the roof of the Box Sports, Youth and Community Pavilion. The crime took place between June 14-16.

Van broken into

CORSHAM: During the night of June 19, a white Ford Transit van parked in a field at Thingley was broken into and tools stored there were removed to the value of £3,500.

Couple took drink

CHIPPENHAM: On June 17, a couple entered Marks & Spencer and stole £200 worth of alcohol. The crime happened just after 9pm.

Man arrested

CHIPPENHAM: A man, 41, was arrested after attempting to steal drinks from the B&M store on June 18.

Pet food taken

CHIPPENHAM: On Saturday a woman stole pet food supplies from Wilkinson by hiding some items into a bag but paying for others.