Is this evidence of a ghost in the Corn Exchange in Devizes?

The photograph was one of several taken by Wiltshire historian John Girvan, who leads ghost walks in Devizes.

Mr Girvan took the pictures on his digital camera on Monday while members of White Horse Opera were preparing the set for the forthcoming production of Verdi's The Force of Destiny.

The photograph captures a large orb above the head of set designer Andrew Taylor. Two other orbs are also captured on the doors of the set.

Mr Girvan said: "An orb is reputedly a glowing cluster of energy which normally signifies a presence and which some people believe to be a ghost."

Mr Girvan has captured orbs on his camera at his blacksmith's forge at Lower Wharf but said this photo was special.

He said: "It's the biggest orb I have ever come across. When I saw the photo I was astounded."

Mr Girvan said he had felt a presence when he took the photos in the Ceres Hall in the Corn Exchange.

The set portrays among other things a 12th century monastery.

Chrissie Higgs, a member of the chorus at White Horse Opera, said: "Andy Taylor is a distinct non believer.

"He had said to me that he had felt at one point there was someone watching him while he worked on the set but he put it down to a coat that was hanging on a door.

"I personally haven't felt anything while at the set but John's picture is amazing."

Kevin Murray, direct services manager at the town council which owns and operates the Corn Exchange, said employees had not reported any ghostly goings on at the Corn Exchange.

Mr Girvan was present when renowned medium Derek Acorah was in Devizes filming an episode of Ghost Towns shown on Living TV last year.

Mr Acorah was invited to Mr Girvan's forge behind the Assize Courts after Mr Girvan said he felt a presence there.

Mr Acorah collapsed after he said he had been possessed by an evil spirit at the forge.

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