Teenager Simon Messenger has launched a campaign after the National Front's decided to set up a youth branch in Chippenham.

The 18-year-old, who was viciously attacked by a group of youths last year, is busy organising a march against the extreme right wing group.

He said: "I am all for freedom of speech but the fact they exclude so many people from joining and they are targeting youngsters is disgusting.

"This will turn Chippenham into 1930s Germany with little Hitlers running around discriminating against the minorities.

"I cannot sit back and let it happen in Chippenham.

"I want people to protest with me because this group is actively segregating our community.

"I am aiming for more than 100 supporters and already know a lot of people who are interested in joining me.

"I will be setting up an Internet forum for people to express their views on this and to let them know what's happening and where.

"I am aiming for a two-hour march through Chippenham High Street in December to really hammer home the message that these racists are not welcome."

Simon, a youth worker at the Bridge Centre, was assaulted by a gang of 20 youths for wearing a leather cowboy hat, on the Town Bridge in October last year.

He suffered extensive injuries to his head and face.

The news of the march comes just days after the National Front backed down over plans to organise a march through the town itself. The group, which met last Sunday in Chippenham, have decided to set up a branch in the town after more than 30 supporters turned out.

Executive member Steve Reynold, said: "We are only here because so many people wanted us to come and set up a branch here."

Simon will be setting up his forum on the Myspace social networking Internet site in the next few weeks.