PUBLIC speaking, providing positive role models and representing Abbeyfield School are part of the work the new faculty’s head boy and head girl. And in the case of Abbeyfield there is also a new chairperson of the school’s council which is another key position.

Matthew Kamphaug is the new head boy, while coco Heathcote is head girl and Emily Barker takes on the role of school council chair. The trio will work with their fellow students, the staff and the co heads Nick Norgrove and Ralph Plummer.

Matthew said: “From a young age I have always wanted to make a difference.”

Emily said: “Since I was in Year 7, I have always enjoyed being involved in making decisions and being a role model for other students.”

Coco “My goal will be to integrate Abbeyfield into the community and help as many younger students as possible”.

They will be involved in the Sixth Form induction morning on July 3.