After finishing at St John’s School and studying tourism, Michaela Scarr from Marlborough worked as an operations manager for a gap year travel company.

She said: "It was a truly amazing and I had the opportunity to travel all over the world.

"However in August 2017, I decided that I wanted to do more. I decided on a whim to leave my position of 10 years and follow my heart overseas.

"I came to Tanzania to lead a volunteer group through this beautiful land and together we taught English classes and renovated classrooms across the country. It was amazing.

"I returned to Marlborough at the end of March that year. I fell so in love with Tanzania that by June I had given up my house, sold my belongings and East Africa.

"I wanted to come up with a sustainable way in which I was able to further support the local people in Tanzania, which to this day remains one of the world's poorest countries."

She started a tour company called Luna Safari and also a charitable foundation to help some of the country's poorest families.

She sadi: "The children’s projects that we support are mostly schools and we find that in working closely with some of the schools here, other things flow from that such as community outreach."

Luna Safari employs local people in Tanzania for the tours she organises with one she is putting together for February 2020. Clearly she enjoys the lifestyle which she describes as a dream come true and appears genuine in her desire to help the local community. One family sent their daughter Lisa, 11, to ask for help. Michaela said she helped the the family with food and medicine and work.

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