WHAT better way to beat the Monday blues than a big meal out with friends and chatter about weekend fun in between tasty food.

Prime Cut, on Pickwick Road in Corsham has been opened as a steak house just two months but has been attracting great reports so we decided to check it out ourselves.

It replaces an Italian restaurant along the street in the town that closed down a few months ago.

Inside the décor is quite similar to before but it seems well suited to the steak house theme and the atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming.

All beef served in the restaurant is provided by local butchers, Robert Douse & Sons in Lavington and it does feel like everything they serve has quality at its heart.

It is a modern and fresh place to spend time and it feels more individual than many chain restaurants that offer food that it mass produced.

There were great tunes being played in the background, really cheerful songs that make the cool decor fo the bar seem softer and more appealing to me.

Our waiter was friendly and chatty.

As a starter we had grilled halloumi with roasted tomatoes and lemon sauce (£7) and Deep fried calamari with garlic mayonnaise (£8). The portions were massive, and we were impressed with how the sauces were tasty.

Tonight amongst our group was a super fan of Man vs Food, a show all about big tastes and big plate sizes.

The decent portions at Prime Cut this was a plus point but the quality of food was still there.

As well as the calamari starter, they ordered a 10oz burger with an extra side of halloumi.

Even our waiter raised an eyebrow when the food was rattled off and I got told off for interrupting his order.

But the plate was cleared and the verdict was in - a meal that hit the spot and a return visit was all but guaranteed.

Plus we still managed puddings so the portions aren’t unmanageable!

We all went for burgers, there is a great deal for early dinners with a beef, chicken or halloumi burger and chips for £10.

The brioche buns were delicious, and the burger was full of cheese, bacon salad and tomato. The beef burger tasted like it was fresh off a BBQ and it had an interesting smoky taste. They were super juicy.

A side of peppercorn sauce was called small but tasty by my friend and she knows her sauces.

The chips were big fat wedges with crispy edges and flurry potato inside.

We finished off with crème brulees. Two were shared between us four which was plenty.

It was a shame that the restaurant wasn’t busier when we were there, however it was an incredibly wet and windy early Monday tea time so that is understandable.

The steak options did sounds delicious and I would happily come back again for a special occasion Four starters, four burgers, two puddings and four soft drinks came to £110.90. We all agreed that we hope that it is a success. Small businesses are a great addition to the town.

By Julia Hijstek