LOCAL TV presenter Paul Martin has been named as the guest speaker at the launch of a charitable association to help those with dyslexia.

Paul will join Wiltshire entrepreneurs and business partners Darren Clark and Kelly Holbrook at the launch of their spotless Association at their first charity gala ball on Friday, July 12 at the Bowood Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort.

Mrt Martin, who lives at Seend, has presented popular shows like Make Me A Dealer, Flog It! and Countryfile Diaries,

Business partners, Darren, 42, and Kelly, 34, who have been working together since 2011, are raising awareness of dyslexia as Darren is dyslexic.

The pair have rapidly grown the company’s original two businesses spotless Spaces and spotless Domestic Cleaning.

Today they both sit under the spotless Group umbrella alongside a thriving training arm spotless Training and spotless Networking.

Darren, who lives near Chippenham, said, “My first job was as a trolley collector at Sainsbury’s.

"I’m dyslexic and left school without any qualifications. Over the years I’ve taught myself how to manage it.

“School was a terrible time for me, not only because I was struggling with an undiagnosed condition, but because of the segregation and labelling I had to endure because of it.

“Today I’m a mentor and public speaker as well as being an entrepreneur. I’m passionate about reaching students who might be in the same position I was. It’s my aim to give them the confidence to put themselves forward in the work place.”

Paul Martin said, “I’m humbled to be asked by Darren and Kelly to be part of this inaugural event. We need to hear stories like Darren’s to inspire and give hope to others who struggle with dyslexia here and overseas. I look forward to meeting guests on the night.”

Darren is now an ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association and also raises awareness of those with dyslexia overseas.

Darren said, “Earlier this year I visited The Rare Gem Talent School in Nairobi. They are doing fantastic work with limited resources and need a new building. It was a life-changing moment for me. In Kenya parents have to pay for the education of their child.

“The Dyslexia Kenya Organisation needs to raise funds to build a new school. I want to help them create a place where children like me can learn instead of being written off.”

Kelly, who supports Darren’s mission to help those with dyslexia, added, “We are splitting the proceeds and donating them locally, nationally and internationally.

"We are giving to the Sheldon School, Chippenham to purchase Learning aids, such as smart tablets, for the SEN department, nationally to the British Dyslexia Association and internationally to The Rare Gem Talent School, in Kenya.”

The spotless Group Black Tie charity gala ball will be held at the Bowood Hotel, Old Road, Derry Hill, Calne, SN11 9PQ.

The cost per ticket for a sit down three-course meal with wine is £60 per head and will be held on Friday, July 12 at 6.30 until midnight.