THE north east coastal region of the USA is set to be targeted by an international trade team from Business West with a group of Wiltshire firms heading on a fact-finding mission there this month.

Businesses including Chipside and Scanning Pens are embarking on the whistle-stop tour of the East Coast’s major business and financial centres to network, learn about the latest business opportunities and potentially find new clients.

The managing director of Chippenham’s Chipside Paul Moorby said: “We are looking forward to speaking with like-minded innovators, policy makers and private businesses to share best practice and to learn from each other.

"We are excited to be supporting the mission and to being able to promote the excellence of the South West.”

Jack Churchill, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Westbury-based Scanning Pens said:

“Scanning Pens are looking to foster closer ties to the Boston Education & Technology sector.

"We provide technology that allows students and adults who have reading difficulties such as dyslexia or English as a second language to access printed text, anywhere anytime.

"Pen scanner technology is already being used in schools, colleges and in the workplace across the US.”

During the seven day visit, companies will engage with the Boston and Chicago business community with a view to "accelerating their trade with the States."

In addition to learning about the support on offer from the British government abroad.Mr Churchill said he will be discussing the potential opportunities America has for his business.

He said that as the most populated coastal area in the United States, the North-Eastern Seaboard and Chicago are home to some of America’s most admired companies and is the driving force behind the national economy.

Business West’s Ameeta Virk, who is leading the visit, comments: “There is no substitute for getting out into the target market and meeting target customers and partners face to face.

"This, along with a host of supporting meetings with local innovation centres and business leaders, is exactly what we’ll be doing.”

The group setting out said it was a "compelling market opportunity" for them.