UNTIL Saturday, July 6, there is an exhibition in the Yelde Hall in Chippenham titled ‘We’ll Meet Again’, marking the 75th Anniversary of The D-Day Landings.

There is a special late night opening of the exhibition today, (Thursday, June 6) on the anniversary of D-Day, aligning with commemoration events at the War Memorial.

Featuring uniforms and paraphernalia from the war years along with photographs of the build up to invasion the exhibition both illustrates the events of the time and shows how Wiltshire played its part in the momentous occasion.

And it will also have music and memorabilia of the Second World War. The exhibition will also celebrate peace, liberty and the reconciliation that has since taken place curated by local historian Richard Broadhead.

The exhibition, is open from Monday to Saturday with free entry and is in association with Chippenham Museum.