ONE type of farming appears to have a bright future if a weekend event at the Shumei Natural Agriculture farm in Yatesbury is anything to go by.

Following an interview on BBC Radio 4's On Your Farm programme earlier this month with farmer Shinya Imahashi, the Wiltshire farm was inundated with requests for information on farming for vegans.

The result was a weekend of lectures and farm tours on May 18-19 with curious gardeners and small holders learning about the methods that use no animals or animal fertilisers.

Mr Imahshi's colleague Colleen McDuling said: "Natural agriculture is a revolutionary new way of farming.

"It makes no use of agrochemicals, pesticides, animal manures, fertilizers or anything artificial.

"The method is based on overriding respect for the soil and the environment and is strictly veganic.

"Shinya explained the dangers of using fertilizers.

"At the end of the course, small gift bags of natural agriculture fresh produce were presented to all participants."

Some of the benefits of natural agriculture say Viva! the vegan organisation is that vegans can eat the produce knowing the food has not been grown with animal manure.

Farm animals they say require a huge amount of fodder and use up vital resources adding to the crisis in food production when people can live longer healthy lives without relying on animal products such as meat and dairy.