AS Wiltshire Council continues its campaign against flytippers across the county, a man has been fined £2,600 for dumping a car in Ramsbury.

Martin Mildenhall, of Ramsbury Marlborough ditched the car in a carpark with no tax or MOT and ignored months of letters and warnings from the council.

He was issued a fixed penalty notice of £200, which he ignored and did not attend the hearing on May 20 at Salisbury Magistrates Court, where he was fined £2,636.35 in fines, costs and victim surcharge for abandoning his vehicle.

Cllr Bridget Wayman, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for highways, transport and waste, said: “Abandoned vehicles cause a significant environmental hazard and will not be tolerated in Wiltshire.

"This prosecution makes it clear to everyone that we take this issue very seriously.

“We will investigate reports of abandoned vehicles and take formal action against the owners who dump their vehicles and consider it acceptable for taxpayers to foot the bill for responsible removal and disposal.”

An incident of flytipping in Lavington is also currently being investigated b police, after people broke into a field, tipped their rubbish and set it alight.

The incident at Ledge Hill, Market Lavington saw the intruders cut a padlock to get into the field on May 19.

A police spokesman said: "Once in the field the suspects have started to fly tip and set a fire in the field.

"An unknown amount of damage was caused to the field and padlock."

Since April 2018 2,822 fly-tipping incidents have been investigated by Wiltshire Council.

This lead to 37 fixed penalty notices being issued to people who dumped their rubbish and 149 warning letters sent to stop others from repeat offending.

Seven more prosecutions are set to be resolved this year, says the authority.