NEW community owned homes in Pewsey could begin being created by the end of 2020 after the Community Land Trust met with locals to explain its future affordable housing plans.

The group now has 45 members and hopes to build or renovate homes that will be rented to people at 20 per cent under market value. Acting chairman Patrick Wilson said the group was set up to provide affordable homes for young families and older people looking for cheaper accommodation within the village.

The houses and any other assets, said Mr Wilson, would belong to the community and so be protected from commercial pressures. They would be well-designed and would meet the latest standards of sustainability. .

Vicky Bodman community led housing project manager said: “The Pewsey CLT are forging ahead to ensure they have a mission and vision that reflects the needs and wants of the community. It's great to see such an enthusiastic group of volunteers working together.”

It is hoped to start looking for sites later this year and to be ready with a planning application for refurbishment or new build before the end of 2020. For more information contact