Fire crews were called out in force yesterday evening after a problem with a fuel tank meant that oil escaped into a river at Semington on Saturday evening.

Crews from Devizes, Trowbridge and Swindon plus a water rescue team from Poole were sent to Pound Lane just after 8pm.

A fire service spokesman said: "Fire control took a 999 call to a possible fuel leak from a pipeline passing through Semington.

"Two fire engines from Trowbridge, one from Devizes, the operational support unit from Swindon along with three officers were mobilised. "A water rescue team from Poole was also mobilised for crew safety and support if crews needed to enter the water.

"Crews and fire control worked with ESSO, the Environmental Agency and water board to isolate the leak and protect the environment. This turned out to be a failure of a nearby bulk fuel oil tank which had released fuel oil into the river."