TWENTY-ONE volunteers from Pewsey and North Newnton joined forces with Surfers against Sewage to conduct a litter picking and audit event.

Surfers Against Sewage are conducting national litter picks, especially near waterways, to see which brands are most associated with littering.

Pressure will be applied to encourage manufacturers to use less harmful packaging and to minimise plastics entering the marine environment.

More than 30 bags of rubbish from streets and parks of Pewsey and the River Avon were collected.

A total of 560 items of litter were audited to see which brands were most associated with littering. The results have been forwarded to form a national database.

The cans, bottles and cardboard were recycled. Equipment and insurance was provided by Pewsey Parish Council.

Charles Bowerman, representing the local farming community, and Vicki Chillcott, of Surfers Against Sewage, cleaned the River Avon downstream of the village and picked up seven bags, whilst the remainder of the volunteers concentrated on the village.

Simon Ellis, the Pewsey Saturday Sort Out organiser, a routine monthly litter picking event established for five years, said: “Picking up litter around the village is a great community event and it is satisfying to see clean, rivers, streets and parks.

“If we can help prevent litter entering the storm drains and rivers that is an additional bonus. It was amazing having such a large turnout and working with Vicki and her volunteers was very interesting”

Vicki Chillcott, of Surfers against Sewage, which is dedicated to fighting against marine plastic pollution, said: “I’m passionate about spreading awareness around plastic pollution and littering. Committed to clearing up, whether it’s at the beach, by a river or along a road. Keen to put that into action and get cleaning.”

The combined event will be run twice a year but anyone interested in picking up litter should meet at 10am on the first Saturday of each month in the Bouverie Hall car park in Pewsey.