PEOPLE priced out of being able to afford a home are being given a helping hand by villages who want to attract young families and key workers into their community.

Community Land Trusts across Wiltshire are using Government money to build homes at 20 per cent less than private rental rates in a bid to stop people leaving their communities because of soaring houe prices.

Across the country there are over 500 CLTs. Wilton, Collerne and Pewsey, want to design and build properties they can rent out in perpetuity.

Seend CLT wants to build 10 community owned houses. Over 200 of the village’s 1200 residents are now members and has the motto Local Housing for the Local Community.

Working with Whitehorse Housing Association the homes will be both rental homes and shared ownership. They hope to attract families to the area and help villagers remain living in the community they love.

CLT director Steve Vaux has dedicated hours to the project. He said: “We don’t want large developers coming in and using the land, so instead we find out what the community needs and build it ourselves. The council have helped us and seem to have realised this is one way it can deliver housing that meets the needs of the community.”

Wilton Community Land Trust has been involved in projects at former barracks sites including Wilton Hill, a new development for veterans and currently Erskine Barracks with 13.5 hectares of redundant MoD site on the edge of Wilton.

Patrick Wilson is part of the Pewsey CLT,. He said: “As well as housing we might be able to offer incubation space for start up businesses to rent as well. It might not end up only being about housing. We want to hear from people in Pewsey about what the housing need is. There isn’t the rentable homes that the community needs

Pewsey CLT meets tonight at Bouverie Hall at 6.30pm.