FIREFIGHTERS at Trowbridge Fire Station have been exposed after a photograph of a fire in the United States on their Twitter feed was selected for their monthly staff magazine.

The image of a burning bonfire was selected as ‘Photograph of the Month’ in a feature for the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service's monthly staff e-magazine.

The only problem was the image wasn’t of the fire the Trowbridge crew attended in Steeple Ashton - it was taken in Texas, USA.

Embarrassingly, the image was then selected by the DWFRS as the best image for May.

In a posting on the Trowbridge station’s Twitter account, the mystery contributor who posted the photo owned up to having found the image on the internet using Google.

He said: “I’ve been REALLY naughty! We attended a Bonfire in Steeple Ashton. I forgot my phone so I googled the below picture of a bonfire in Texas (it looked pretty).

“Embarrassingly the Service has selected the image as winner of the photo of the month competition. Please forgive me!”

The responses from colleagues across the region and beyond ranged from mock outrage to the hilariously funny.

Dorset & Wiltshire FRS said: “Hilarious. Formal forgiveness granted. After all, you did get a CFO Commendation. Also, I do recall your original tweet with the pic and your reference to Mr Google. Keep up the great work. Definitely one of, if not the best, Fire Service Twitter account.”

Westlea Fire Station said: “Cakes for the whole service, we were going to have it printed, the betrayal.”

DWFRS Red Watch in Swindon commented: “Tut Tut...boasted a fake pic & caught with your trousers down.....I hope there’s a re-draw for an authentic photo.”

DWFRS Stratton On-Call said: “Great photo whoever was the photographer!”

Tisbury Fire Station said: “That’s ace” while Sturminster Newton Fire Station commented: “cakes.”

A DWFRS spokeswoman said: “It’s not a competition, the crews do it for the kudos.

"The photograph of the month is a feature in the monthly staff e-magazine, which went out yesterday to over 1,000 staff.

“Some of the photos are sent in and others are selected from social media by the media services team.

“It’s just one of those things. The Chief Fire Officer has already forgiven them. It’s still a good photo.”