Wiltshire’s weather for Sunday, May 12 – sunny and light winds


After a chilly start, today will be fine and dry with some lengthy periods of sunshine and just a little patchy cloud, mainly during the afternoon. Gentle winds.


Late sunshine this evening, then staying dry tonight with mostly clear, starry skies and few if any clouds. Turning rather chilly again in places, but not as chilly as last night.


Tomorrow will be dry and fairly sunny again with just a little wispy high cloud around at times, mainly during the afternoon. More of a breeze compared with today.

Wind: light winds from the north east

Temperatures: 5-17C

Humidity: 61%

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday

High pressure will sit over the North Sea and UK from Tuesday through mid-week, keeping things fine, dry, warm, and with plenty of afternoon sun. Some mist or fog patches are likely overnight as well. From Thursday, winds will begin to shift easterly, bringing in some cooler air and the chance for some cloudier skies, although it should stay mostly dry.