INCREASING numbers of younger people are joining Wiltshire Council’s workforce.

The council now has the highest number of under 25s working for it, 6.9 per cent, since 2015 with over 300 young team members.

Councillors praised the work to encourage more people aged under 25 to join the workforce and said that increasing numbers of apprenticeships on offer has attracted younger people to roles.

Chair of the staffing policy committee Cllr Allison Bucknell said: “We have targeted younger people by offering more apprenticeships, to graduates but also non graduates of that age who can really benefit from what an apprenticeship has to offer.”

HR Policy manager Amanda George told councillors: “Young people see the atrium and see the open plan working space and are impressed. Millennials do tend to job hop so we want to work with the people we have and help them develop as much as possible before they move on.”

A council officer said: “The proportion of staff under the age of 25 has seen a steady but consistent increase over the 2018/19 financial year; and is now at it’s highest rate since 2015This has been aided by the ongoing efforts to exploit the apprenticeship levy.”

Molly Donnelly is 20 and is due to complete her level three business admin apprentice later in the year. She said: “Before I began the apprenticeship I was working part time in coffee shops and now I am working full time with a guaranteed job at the end. I have grown in confidence and am a member of the team that I work in, who are really supportive.”