ROCKY horror is a camp, fast paced musical extravaganza that is lighting up the Theatre royal in Bath until Saturday night.

Being one of the few people left that has never seen the classic film inspired by the stage show, I didn’t have a clear idea what I was letting myself in to but from start to finish there was barely a moment to catch my breath.

The pantomime style heckling came hurtling at the characters, mainly the narrator on stage, who batted back with witty responses every time.

Many in the audience were fully kitted out in glitter and suspenders for their night out.

Former boy band star Ben Adams is joined by Strictly Come Dancing professional Joanne Clifton play Brad and Janet and the whole cast is full of energy and capture the craziness that audiences have loved about the show for decades.

The camp glam rock style show sees an alien from planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania attempting to make the perfect man-bot to serve his every needs, is interrupted by a squeaky clean young couple in the throws of love when their car breaks down and they become stranded.

As more and more creations and characters emerge on stage, the theatrics, hair and amount of body on show grows until everyone was up and time warping together.

It is a show that sits in its own category and was nothing like I had seen before but would probably be keen to see again.

I enjoyed being able to see the musicians from above the stage and the costume and set design were reminiscent of the bargain bin horror movies the film plays homage to.

Saturday night’s show starts at 8.30pm and, I’m sure is set to be the perfect big night out for its fans and audiences.

The Rocky Horror Show is on at the Theatre Royal Bath until Saturday. Tickets: £16 to £42.