CAMPAIGNING was underway in Chippenham on Thursday as European Election candidates for independent group Change UK took to the streets to canvass votes.

The Liberal Democrats also launched its South West MEP campaign, with the clear message to Stop Brexit and demand a final people’s vote.

Speaking in front of Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge, the team promised to be the voice for people who want to remain in the European Union.

However the party admitted that a big win for them at the elections could not force a People’s Vote, but would send a message to Government.

Recent local elections saw the party win overall control of 11 councils including BaNES and over 500 Lib Dem seats on councils.

The party highlighted climate change as a key value and said that it was important the country stays in the European Union to tackle environment issues.

Candidate Martin Horwood said: “We have supported climate change and the European Union and Liberal Democrats both want decisive action. We have recycling technologies in Swindon who take single use plastic and return it to valuable raw material. Nationally we have helped pioneering technology companies like Good Energy helping them to make real progress and deliver renewable energy. I applaud Lib Dem councillors who have pushed through Climate Change emergency in counties including Wiltshire. It is fanciful one country standing lone can have the same impact 28 countries standing together can have in these issues.”

Candidate David Chalmers said businesses across the South West were already changing due to Brexit. He said: “We have seen that companies are cutting back, business confidence is falling, we have seen that Honda in Swindon at. Jobs, business, and family prosperity are being put at risk because of Brexit.”

Change UK candidate Ollie Middleton, 24, spent seven years as a Labour supporter before leaving the party and joining Change UK earlier this year.

He spent the day in Chippenham, Lackham and Bath today, calling on people to support the party, which wants to see a People’s Vote on Brexit.

He said: “European elections historically have fewer voters but I think this will be different and hope people use it as a chance to send a clear message to Government. Many young people weren’t old enough to vote in 2016 and this is their chance to have their say.Brexit has been handled appallingly and we hope this vote will help break the deadlock.”