IN breezy but dry weather the 39th Corsham 10K and 2K races took place last Sunday (April 28) with 1,000 adults tackling the 10K and 200 children runners completing the shorter distance.

The young runners tackled the 2K run through a section of Corsham Court Parkland.

Organised by Corsham Running Club, route stared on the Lacock Road and included the village of Neston.

The Corsham 10K is part of the Wiltshire Road Race League 2019.

The fastest male runner was Simon Nott from Calne Running Club who finished in 31 minutes and 56 seconds.

The fastest female runner was Amy Richards who finished in 39 minutes and 21 seconds.

Jade Littlechild of Corsham won a gold medal from the Wiltshire Road Race League.

The runners were joined by representatives from the Royal Navy with a field gun.

The crew of 18assembled an antique field gun and ran with it, disassembling and reassembling as course required, before dragging the gun home.

The half-ton field gun was also used to start the race.

Organiser Oscar stringer said: "In 2018 the race organisers of the Corsham 10K decided to ban single use plastic bottles and cups for water distribution, in favour of biodegradable cups.

"We were the first organised race to make such a change and have started a cultural shift in behaviour with many other races around the country, who have now just started to consider other methods of water distribution to runners, without using single use plastics.

"For 2019 runners who finish the 10K race will receive a bottle of local beer, a newly designed runners tee-shirt and a medal."

He said the organisers were grateful for the support of the football club and rugby club as well as the Army, Sea and Air Cadet services, the Corsham Wind Band and the volunteers from the running club who helped on the day.