CORSHAM has been picked out by the Sunday Times as one of the best places to live in the UK.

The editor of their magazine Helen Davies said they had championed 101 places across the UK and had broken the sections into regions with Corsham at number four in the South West.

She said: "Ten miles from the exceedingly expensive and exceedingly popular Bath, it’s built largely from the same pale stone (dug from quarries here), making it a more affordable alternative."

But what about the locals? 

Town Cllr John Maloney said: "The High Street has more than 60 listed buildings and Sir Nicolas Pevsner, the famous architectural historian, asserted that, 'Corsham has no match in Wiltshire for wealth of good houses and there are a few of really high merit'. The Pound Arts Centre and the Springfield Community Campus leisure and sports centre are the envy of much bigger towns in Wiltshire."

Chair of the town council Steve Abbott said: "We have excellent schools and health services that are conveniently in or close to the town centre.

"We have arts festivals, our food festival and the annual walking festival in the summer, a 10k run for 1,500 people in April and many other events bringing interest into the town. What more could you ask for?"