MARLBOROUGH shopkeeper Hayley Lambert who is doing her bit to save the planet by opening a zero waste store is now backing an appeal for donations of plastic-free period products.

Mrs Lambert, 36, who only opened Packaging Not Included in Hughenden Yard seven weeks ago has joined forces with campaigner Ella Daish who launched an Eco Period Box appeal.

Mrs Lambert believes many people do not realise that High Street supermarkets such as Waitrose sell plastic-free sanitary wear and is urging those who care about helping women in the town who find it hard to afford products to become involved.

She said: “The response generally to the shop has been amazing. I think programmes like those made by David Attenborough have had a big effect on people and they want to cut down on plastic.

“But donations to the Eco Period Box have been a bit slow as I don’t think people realise it is possible to buy these products in mainstream supermarkets.

“We have until the end of April to continue the collection which will go to help local people and I hope more and more customers will want to support us.”

Ms Daish thanked Mrs Lambert for joining her campaign. She said: “Packaging Not Included is helping to support people in Marlborough that are affected by period poverty by having an Eco Period Box and all donations collected, will be given to a local charity.”

“Period poverty affects thousands of individuals each year, including those at school, those that are homeless, refugees and those who simply cannot afford them.

“I set up the Eco Period Box to address period poverty in a way that I feel truly benefits all. Plastic-free period products are not only better for the people using them, but they also have a minimal environmental impact. I also believe that everyone, no matter their situation, deserves a choice in what they use.”

She originally launched the scheme just for December but the response was so great she decided to repeat it in April and approached Mrs Webster to take part.

Mrs Webster said: “I felt it fitted in very well with what we are trying to achieve. When people see the huge problem plastic has caused they think they can’t do anything but it is all about small actions like this.”

Ms Daish said: “In December the campaign encouraged everyone to join in and make a positive difference. It was a success, with individuals, groups and companies coming together to get involved and over 4,000 plastic-free period products and 40 reusables were donated all over the UK.

“That is why I’ve been in touch with shops throughout the UK to bring the campaign to your area.