NEIGHBOURS have been split over a dispute involving a fence, planning permission and a dangerous bend in the road.

The 1.76m fence had been put up at the home on Forty Acres Road in Devizes to make the garden safe for the owner’s young children.

However those who want to see the fence come down argued a blind spot for drivers and people walking along the pavement had been created because of it.

Devizes Town Council echoed concerns over safety and called the fence an “obstruction” to the road junction.

Now that officers have refused to retrospective planning permission the fence must be taken down.

Speaking in support of the fence, home owner Daniel Bodman said: “The reasons for erecting the fence first and foremost was to protect our 2 year old son and give him a safe garden to play in without concerns he could access the road.

“We believe since the fence has been erected it has forced the traffic to slow down.”

Objector David Williams said the road had become "waiting game for a fatality". He said: “Putting up the fence has taken the visibility sighting of any vehicle coming around either way of the corner and they don’t keep to the speed limit meaning its a waiting game for a fatality to happen and for some innocent person to be seriously injured or even death.”