THE Airsprung factory cafe in Trowbridge has been given a new lease of life after being taken over by a chef passionate for good food.

Matt Pitman who has worked as a head chef and kitchen manager and has been in the hospitality industry since the age of 16 has refurbished and re-opened the cafe. Once solely for factory workers, it has been open to the public on Canal Road for some years.

Mr Pitman said: “My main goal is to give the café a new lease of life and get guests back in to give the café a second chance.

“I am to provide the best quality food in Trowbridge from breakfast dishes to lunch.

“Under my ownership the food will all be top quality restaurant standard to give each guest a great experience.”

The cafe will be open throughout the week and offers free wifi and parking. Breakfast menus will be served all day including breakfast baps, baguettes and sandwiches starting from just £2.

The cafe will serve up a daily roast with a different meat each day for £5.50 and a large plate for £7. Fish and chips will be served for £6 on Fridays and meals can also be ordered for delivery.