VILLAGERS of all ages are being terrorised by a gaggle of geese that appear to have been dumped in a usually tranquil spot which has been home to 17 similar birds for many years.

Upavon is known for its geese that live side by side with villagers only occasionally causing a problem when they stroll across the main road.

But now three rogue geese have taken up home in Avon Square and have bitten people and chased children getting off the school bus.

Parish councillor Mandy Wernham, who lives nearby said: “It can look quite funny when they chase people. But it isn’t really a laughing matter as they are very scary.

“The other morning I had to sit in my car in my dressing gown when I came back from dropping my son at work at about 6.30am. They surrounded the car and I had to wait for them to go away before I dared get out.

“The other geese cause no problem at all and are very popular with villagers. But these ones are completely different.

“They just appeared. Two of them are tagged but you can’t get close enough to them to get any information.”

Ms Wernham took to social media to try and get advice on how best to deal with the intruders.

She is now hopeful that a local farmer who has a problem with foxes attacking his livestock may take them to try and keep his chickens safe.

Ms Wernham said: “The other day I saw the geese chasing children after they got off the school bus. They had to run for their lives and people have been bitten.”

She has appealed for people not to feed them in the hope they will move on.

She said: “I think at first they tried to join the other geese but they were not having any of it so they have moved up here and they are quite nasty.

“The three of them are terrorising the neighbourhood and attacking cars and people alike.”