CHIPPENHAM Town Council has passed a motion in support of the Climate Change Emergency declaration proposed by Cllr Nick Murry last Wednesday (March 27).

However, it was subject to an amendment from Cllr Desna Allen which was carried by 14 votes to six. Her amendment was to note the contents of the climate change declaration, to join with other councils in supporting it and to ask the chief executive to present a feasibility report for the council. Together with the amendment Cllr Murry’s proposal was passed unanimously.

Opening the debate Cllr Murry said the planet was heading for a rise in global temperatures of 4C which will result in environmental devastation. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported there should be no more than a 1.5C increase in temperatures and so there needed to be a radical shift to reduce emissions and to cut greenhouse gasses.

He said: “We have seen Wiltshire Council follow in the footsteps of other councils such as Bristol City Council, Frome Town Council and Mendip District Council in taking action on climate change.”

Around 20 members of the public attended the meeting to hear the declaration proposed by Cllr Murry with several making impassioned speeches to the councillors in support of the climate change emergency.

Chippenham resident and former Gazette reporter Sarah Singleton said: “I am delighted to see these recommendations coming before the council tonight.”

She said she hoped the declaration would be: “more than words on a page, or a gesture.”

Earlier Cllr Peter Hutton proposed an amendment to substitute part of the declaration to acknowledge Wiltshire Council 's climate declaration and to refer the matter to the chief executive first. This was defeated with a show of hands. Cllr Sandie Webb said Chippenham was a practical council and not a revolutionary one.