TORY party faithful from Devizes, Marlborough and Pewsey called for a vote of no confidence in MP Claire Perry at the constituency's annual meeting.

But chairman Brigadier Peter Sharpe twice refused to allow the vote to take place at the meeting at the Bouverie Hall in Pewsey as he said it was not on the agenda.

Ms Perry was heckled by Conservative members and she is understood to have responded by saying: "If I am going to be heckled, then this is going to be a very short meeting."

One person at the meeting on March 22 said: "Clare Perry was subjected to extensive heckling which is completely without precedent in the 30 years I have been attending these AGMs.

"The heckling was particularly loud after the MP wrongly stated that because the Prime Minister had already survived one Vote of Confidence in the Conservative Party this year she is 'forced to stay on as Prime Minister'.

"Dozens of people in the room loudly shouted at her that that statement was plainly completely incorrect, as of course the Prime Minister can resign at any time that she chooses."

At the start of the Devizes Conservatives meeting the text of a motion of no confidence was put forward.

It complained that Ms Perry had voted to remove no deal from the table during the many Brexit divisions in the House of Commons.

The person at the meeting said: "It went on to say that her decision to 'join up with the other Remainers was out of order', and that 'if she doesn’t agree with the Manifesto policies she (and they) should resign as so many Brexiteers have done."

People angry with Ms Perry tried to raise the no confidence issue again at the end of the meeting under any other business but Brigadier Sharpe again refused to allow anyone to speak to the motion and declared the meeting over.

A spokesman for the MP said: "“No motions of confidence or otherwise were on the agenda or moved formally from the floor and there were no votes.  Claire gave a clear and robust outline of the government’s position and her strong support for an orderly Brexit - the meeting ended in good order.”