ON the day that the UK was meant to be leaving the European Union, here is a reminder of how Wiltshire residents voted on June 23 2016.

Across Wiltshire, 52.5 per cent voted leave, and 47.5 per cent voted remain.

The vote turn out was 78.8 per cent, with 151,637 people voting to leave the EU and 137,258 voting to remain.

North Wiltshire - Leave

South west Wiltshire - Leave

Chippenham - Leave

Devizes - Leave

Salisbury - Remain

North Swindon - Leave

South Swindon – Leave

Nationally, 51.9 per cent voted to leave, with 48.1 per cent voting to remain.

Estimates taken from: https://app.polimapper.co.uk/?dataSetKey=bc97e5c1c63d4eb4954038ea0461832a