DEVIZES and Marlborough people were out in force in London on Saturday to demand a people's vote on Brexit and stood out from the crowd thanks to a giant model of the lion and unicorn symbols.

Kate Freeman from Devizes For EU said: "Young people, people in wheel chairs, and people from all walks of life, including the business community and armed forces, boarded the early morning bus in a festive atmosphere.

"Numerous others made their way to London under their own steam and joined us near Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park where we unfurled our banners and distributed placards.”

Most eye catching was Mick and Chris Davey’s model of the lion and the unicorn. The couple from Great Cheverell, near Devizes, spent two days and nights creating the centre piece which was inspired by the Canned Heat song United We Stand Divided We Fall which was painted on one side and Let's Work Together on the other.

Ms Freeman said: "The couple only managed to assemble the pieces as the bus got to Hyde Park and much to their relief it worked.

"Chris was delighted to get a thumbs up from Caroline Lucas MP as she walked past and Mick described the reaction from the crowd during the march as amazing and very supportive."

He said: “We just hoped it would help shift this seemingly immovable Brexit beast.”

The Devizes group felt the day had been inspiring and full of hope.