PYTHONS, egg drops and liquid nitrogen were all part of Hardenhuish School events last week.

Students experienced an array of trips, workshops and presentations as part of the National Science Week, that involved all year groups.

Year 9 pupils participated in Zoolab workshops during which they met a range of creatures such as stick insects, a royal python, hissing cockroaches and a rat and learnt about the complex adaptations of the animal world.

Later in the week, the Year 10 pupils attended a Chemistry presentation hosted by Professor Averil MacDonald OBE while on Friday, 60 Year 8 pupils went to the Birmingham NEC to visit the Big Bang Fair.

The students had the opportunity to take part in lunchtime science workshops that ranged from a bush tucker trial to geodesic dome building, from making lava lamps to a liquid nitrogen workshop.

The egg drop workshop was very challenging due to the high winds but one team managed to crack it.