WILTSHIRE’S MPs will surely welcome a change from the Brexit discussions when the county’s Wildlife Trust begins its latest campaign and appeals for their backing on Thursday - the day before the EU deadline.

Wilder Future sees Wildlife Trusts across the UK join forces to get MPs on their side ahead of a new Environment Bill which is due to be debated later this year.

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is part of the campaign, which calls for the protection and recovery of nature in the county and beyond. Joining other organisations such as the RSPB, WWF and National Trust in the Greener UK Alliance, the Wilder Future campaign seeks to ensure that the voices of everyone who cares about nature and our future on the planet, are heard in Westminster.

The Environment Bill must be passed into legislation as a new Environment Act, which sets targets for nature’s recovery in the UK and maps out the areas where this recovery needs to take place. Targets include ensuring existing wildlife sites are preserved, and ‘green corridors’ developed to join these up for the benefit of wildlife and people.

It will also establish an environmental watchdog organisation to enforce the rules and penalise those who flout them.

Dugald McNaughtan, head of communications at the Devizes-based trust, said: “There are a few actions, both political and personal, that you can take in support of this campaign. We need you to meet your MP, write to your local council or local media, attend a public event, raise funds, post on social media, anything you can do to help.

“The Bill goes before Parliament in June so we hope to have a new, strong Environment Act in place before the end of the year, and for authorities and organisations across the country to start their work towards nature’s recovery soon afterwards.”

Find out more about at www.wiltshirewildlife.org/wilderfuture.