A POTENTIAL post Brexit solution for importing food by truck was outlined last week by a Chippenham company.

Mobius has established a way of tracking and monitoring trucks bringing food from the continent into Britain by using computer tracking through a mobile phone app, a dongle and their own software.

Mike Logut of Mobius said it means a truck can go through customs without delays as their documentation would be in order and completed ahead of Calais.

Gavin Johnson the firm's managing director said: "The time is right for this product and we now hope to market it."

MP Michelle Donelan said it sounded promising. She said: "I'll loop you into the Government and will explain the technology. We will feed it into the mix of potential solutions to importing goods."

Mobius told her the cost per dongle will be around £1 a week so it could be used by a number of hauliers and not just for food.

Mr Logut explained to the MP that he has a client importing millions of packs of meat such as pork and chicken every week from Poland.

With the dongle and app security was assured as it could be put into every lorry whether part of a fleet or hired by self-employed truck owners at busy times.

"Food security is paramount," he said, "but the current technology is not 100 per cent reliable. If you have your own fleet it can be secure if it is hard wired."

But by using the in-cab hardware with a dongle powered by USB, trackers in the UK can check to see where a lorry is, what temperature the food is at all times, whether light sensors have indicated the truck has been opened or if the driver has not kept to an agreed time schedule. A lorry containing food that is opened en route is immediately sent back and the food destroyed for fear of contamination.

If the technology is rolled out then new jobs could be created the MP was told.