NOBODY should ever walk under the railway bridge in Pewsey - day or night.

That was the opinion of the parish council during a report on transport at the meeting in the Bouverie Hall on February 12.

Reading from a report by the transport group, the council chairman Cllr Peter Deck said: “There was a request for a street light on London side of the station where it joins the Marlborough Road, as people cross this road when walking to their cars the other side, or to the industrial estate or to their homes.

“At night traffic coming along the road have trouble seeing pedestrians and vice versa.”

Councillors wondered if the matter could be examined by the Community Area Transport Group.

It was felt the bridge had enough lighting for pedestrians but it was the width and lack of pavements that was the issue.

The chairman said: “I would not encourage anybody to walk under that bridge at night or even in the daylight as it is very dangerous.”

A footbridge over the railway at the station opened in 2016 allows passengers to cross to the other side and avoiding the need to walk under the rail bridge on the road.