THE MS Society is inviting people with multiple sclerosis (MS) in Wiltshire to take part in an important survey about what it’s like to live with the condition.

The national charity’s survey, called My MS My Needs, is the largest survey of people affected by MS in the UK. When they last ran a survey in 2016, more than 11,000 people responded and its findings helped inform MS Society campaigns to improve access to treatments, care and support.

This year, the charity is also launching a survey for friends and family of people living with MS.

MS affects more than 100,000 people in the UK.

It’s often painful and exhausting, and can cause problems with how people walk, move, see, think and feel.

Genevieve Edwards, Director of External Affairs at the MS Society, said: “We want to hear from as many people with MS as possible, so we can find out whether they’re getting the treatment, care and support that they need in their area. “

“The results will show us where in the country services are working well, as well as where improvements are needed. This information will be vital to help us campaign for change and shape what the UK looks like for people affected by MS.”

Complete the survey at

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