THE fight against plastic pollution was given a boost on Monday in Westminster when James Gray MP joined Sir David Attenborough CBE and the Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP to call for Britain to lead in the fight against the modern day problem.

Penny Mordaunt MP spoke on the subject at an event, co-hosted by the Coalition for Global Prosperity, Plastic Oceans UK and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Prevention of Plastic Waste.

She announced she would double UK aid support for plastic recycling in developing countries and called for solutions to clearing plastic waste from the world’s oceans and rivers.

The issue of plastic pollution is escalating and unavoidable; far from remaining beyond our shores, it is washing up there daily.

Sir David Attenborough CBE said: “Now the world globally is producing every year 400 million tonnes of plastic and 10 million tonnes of that goes into the ocean. The consequences of this both to humanity and life in the seas upon which we depend is hideous.”