TEAM members of the Chippenham Pit Stop for truckers say they are keeping their fingers crossed that plans to close St Nicholas School fall as flat as a pancake.

Around forty youngsters from the Chippenham school were VIP guests at the Pit Stop for a Shrove Tuesday pancake-making session.

While general manager Neal Walford and his team set up a production line, groups of children and older students mixed up the pancakes and then later added toppings and fillings.

But Pit Stop Community Events Coordinator Lisa Hatherell said the team feared this might be one of the last pancake days if St Nicholas along with two other schools were closed and replaced with a new complex in Rowde.

"We enjoy welcoming them here every year. for pancake making and the youngsters have participated in a range of other events," said Lisa. “Some of the older students have completed work experience in our restaurant and two of our staff did a parachute jump to raise funds for the school. These youngsters really should go on being educated in their local communities where people like us know them and can go on offering our support."